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Light a Candle for thoughts and intentions

Each day, many people on their way to or from work or perhaps just shopping in Dublin City, drop in to Whitefriar Street Church to light a candle for their own thoughts or intentions, or perhaps for a friend or relative who are going through a difficult time.

At any hour of the day, there is always a soft glow of candlelight around the church. Perhaps, if you have visited the church, or have a devotion to a particular saint, you might like to light a candle in our church, but are unable to do so. No problem – we will do it for you. Simply fill in the form below and we will light a candle for your intentions.

There is no charge for this service. However if you would like to make an offering towards the work and upkeep of Whitefriar Street Church at this time, we would be most grateful for any donation that you would like to make.


Intentions & Petitions

The celebration of the Devotions to St Jude, St Thérèse, St Valentine and St Anne in Whitefriar Street Church is traditionally one of the church’s most popular celebrations, taking place at 8.00 p.m. every Tuesday. Many people send petitions and requests by post or by email to be remembered during this celebration. If you would like to have your petition or prayers remembered, please complete the form below and your intention will be included.

This service is provided free of charge. Many people do make an offering at this time and we are most grateful to receive any support that you can give Whitefriar Street Church at this time.


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Baptisms take place on the first and third Saturday of the month or by appointment.

All baptisms must be booked through the Parish Office at least one month before the date of the celebration. For more information please contact the Parish Office…

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