Welcome to Whitefriar Street Church

In the heart of Dublin


A Living Church

in the heart of Dublin


Serving God's People

in the midst of the city


Serving God's People

in the midst of the city


Welcome to Whitefriar Street Church

Since the 1270s, the Carmelite friars have been a presence in one of the oldest parts of Dublin city. Whitefriar Street Church has changed and expanded over the centuries but always with the praise and worship of God at the centre of its life. Today it is an oasis of peace and prayer in the centre of our bustling city and is home to the Shrine of Our Lady of Dublin and to the Relics of St Valentine, which draw people from around the world every day. We invite you to discover much more about our beloved church.

Weekly Bulletin

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Weekly Bulletin


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Internet Scam regarding the Shrine of St Valentine

It has been brought to our attention that a website - angelvisionary.com - is selling medals of St Valentine purporting to contain soil from Whitefriar Street Church, Dublin. Whitefriars, Whitefriar Street Church and the Carmelites in Ireland have no connection whatsoever to this website, nor have we given permission to them for the use of photographs of the church and shrine which appear to have been taken from our own website. No soil has been taken from beneath the shrine and neither has any soil been taken from the environs of the church and, therefore, their 'Certificate of Authenticity' is fake. The medals being sold do not come from Whitefriar Street Church and are not being sold on our behalf.

Live Webcam

Watch our services live on your devices

For those unable to attend Mass, and for those living abroad, a webcam has been installed in the church.
The services which will be broadcast are as follows:

Monday to Saturday: 3.00pm Mass

Sunday: 11.30am and 4.00pm Mass

Tuesday: The Devotions will be broadcast at 8.00pm

Shrine of St. Valentine Pray to Valentine

The feast day of Saint Valentine - February 14th.

Light a Candle ...for thoughts and intentions

Can't come in person? We will light a candle for you.

The Church Organ Pipe Organ of Whitefriar Street

The organ we have is one of the finest tracker action organs in Ireland

Serving God's people in the midst of the city